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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Honda’s EV Journey In India To Begin With Hybrid Technology

vehicle that will make its way to India could be a 'B' segment vehicle the development of which is under process for the Indian Market. But this EV strategy will only pan out until 2023-24. Meawhile, however, the focus will be on a gradual shift towards EV, which is why hybrid technology will find its way into Honda Car India's line-up of cars. Honda is also looking to localise the production of hybrid and EV solutions in India in a bid to ensure that it is accessible and affordable for the buyers.

According to a statement made by Senior Vice President and Director Rajesh Goel, Honda Cars India, "Till such time and also till the development of suitable charging infrastructure in the country, we feel that hybrid vehicles can be considered as good intermediate technology in electrification initiatives. Accordingly, we will begin our electrification journey in two years with hybrid technology."

Currently the company only has the Accord hybrid in its portfolio and it attracts 28 per cent rate with a cess of 15 per cent taking its price to over Rs 43 lakh (ex-showroom). As per its Vision 2030, the company strives to electrify two-thirds of its global automobile unit sales in 2030 with its range of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEVs), battery electric vehicle (BEVs) and fuel cell vehicles

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